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Steve's profile

by Maxine H


Steve was born in Sydney Australia in 1931. He is, among other things, an Electronic Engineer and Computer Program Developer with an insatiable curiosity and a wide range of experience and expertise (see resume).

In 1961 Steve married Chrissie Mangos, a Fashion Designer, who was born in Melbourne. She quickly came to tolerate (and often share) his many, and sometimes extreme, pursuits. They have three adult sons, each professionally involved with computer technology and electronics.   

Chrissie's career has included fashion designing, managing the family electrical retail and service business and manager of the Denelle-Maree patisserie.

Chrissie's many interests include Latin-American music, creative cooking, sailing and solving Sudokus (the diabolical ones). She often involves herself in Steve's projects.

Steve is fiercely independent and dislikes banality, weakness  and incompetence.
In his youth he was always seeking new and exciting challenges. His interest in Anthropology once led him to contemplate making a venturesome expedition up the Amazon and Orinoco to gather material for a National Geographic documentary  he was working on. He now looks back and says "thankfully the NGS weren't too convinced of the practicality and safety of such a venture in the early 50's".  

He is the author of the "Zervos' MindBenders" series and the column of the same name that appeared in "Scientific Australian" for several years. He has written for many European and American publications, including a number of articles for "GAMES" (1985-1986) published by Hugh Hefner (owner of the Playboy Empire) which, despite its beguiling title, is devoted to problematical recreations and has nothing to do with Mr. Hefner's other preferred pastimes.

Steve has held several positions in the fields of electronics and physics. In between many professional projects he found time to form a rock band, develop strategic simulations and become a freelance fashion photographer. He has written several  texts and technical papers and has spoken on a wide range of subjects, including stereo-photography, astro-physics and movie-making techniques.
He is a painter, cyber-animator, and movie-maker. He became interested in the concept of animation at the age of 9 years, long before personal movie cameras were available. He would draw pictures on raffle-book stubs (animated by thumb-flicking through the pages) and pass them around to his classmates for their amusement. 

Steve is a (very) independent movie-maker and often writes, directs, and does his own filming. He has been making short movies since 1949 and has picked up several European awards  for his arty films and experimental stereography (nothing major, he will quickly add). Although an electronics enthusiast, he preferred working with 16 and 35 mm film formats, converting to digital imaging only recently.

Steve's films include:
The Sword-Master's Daughter (a Viking tale, 35 minutes)
In the Hall of the Mountain Kings (inspired by a ballet in The Peer Gynt Suite, 25 min.)
Tarzan (a "Shipwrecked Crusoe" type family spoof, 40 minutes)
Cifteteli Girl (Anatolian traditional belly-dancer, 5 minutes)

Although Steve's main professional occupation  was developing logical systems for scientific applications, he became involved in several areas of research including artificial intelligence, neural network systems, and astronomy, until having to retire after suffering a stroke. He is still involved in some of his past projects and interests but mostly in an advisory capacity.

Include traditional Celtic music, Afro-Cuban percussion, Latin rhythms, most  other music from rock to the classics, strategic simulations, martial arts, philosophy, history, "everything science", and "all things art".
Include writing, painting, stereo-photography, cyber-animations, chess, and sailing.

AFFILIATIONS  (past and present)
Member "Space Research Institute of Australia", 2007
Founder "Centauri Rocketry Association ", 1960
Founding member "Northern Districts Astronomy Club", 1954
Past president "Avondale Photographic Association", 1964-1970 
Convenor of the "Willow Art Society", c-1970
Coordinator of the "Hambledon Camera Club", 1963-1968 

MH (2006)

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