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The  Pizza  Game.   
Game and art by S. Zervos
Welcome to my pizza-making game. Select from a given list of toppings and make a pizza.
When completed, submit your pizza to the cranky judge who will give it a score
from 0 to 10 ... maybe even less.
The judge is very demanding and not a pleasant person. You may not always agree with his decision, but he insists he knows how to make a perfect pizza.
Ignore the rudimentary graphics depicting some of the toppings; they are only illustrative.

Best View.
Some computer setups display a harmless flicker when scrolling 'JAVA' animations.
To avoid, view in 1024*768 resolution --- or in full screen mode if in lower resolutions.
JAVA note.
This game is written in JAVA and like most 'JAVA' programs it may not work or perform as intended on MAC's, older computers,  or computers not configured for optimum performance.
Should this be the case, ignore and continue with your enjoyment of the rest of this website.


"C'mon!   I'm ready. 
Bring on  yer pizza"