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IQ test:  
by  Zervos

When you apply for admission to a High-IQ society you will be asked to sit for a  proctored test.
I have devised some examples similar to the questions you are likely to be asked.  

How clever are you? Be honest with yourself. If you can correctly answer EVERY one of my questions in the time allowed you have a good chance of being accepted into one of the High-IQ societies given in the list mentioned below. Otherwise take your time, have fun and enjoy answering the questions with your family and friends.

Time allowed 60 minutes:
Do NOT use pencil and paper,
(except where I have indicated otherwise) .
I have made the questions easy.  No special skill or knowledge is required, just your wits and logic.

All puzzles copyright   1971  S. ZERVOS




Skip the difficult questions and return to them later.

(1)    Which letter does not belong in this series?
 H D R Y L

(2)   Which alpha-numeric is the odd one out?
 9D  8F  3E  6C

(3)  If  52 C in a D  means 52 cards in a deck,  what do the following mean?
    8S on a SS
(b)     2S  to  ES
(c)     1F over the CN
(d)     1  and  2  BMS
(e)     1 P of PP that PPP
(f )     8B and all is W
     2M for SS

(4)   How can an egg be boiled for 9 minutes using only a 4 minute hourglass timer and
a 7 minute hourglass timer? (Pencil and paper may be used.)

(5)   Wendy likes these numbers except one --- Which one?
1431     6581     7243     8656

(6)   What word can be made by rearranging these letters?

(7)   The head of a fish is 9 inches long. The body length of the fish between the head and the tail is equal to the head plus the tail. The tail length is equal to the head plus one half of the body length between the head and the tail. This is enough information to work out that the total length of the fish is what? (Pencil and paper may be used.)

(8)   An intrepid Eskimo leaves his igloo and travels 12 kilometers north, 12 kilometers east and 12 kilometers north again to reach the North Pole. How many kilometers does he have to travel to return to his igloo in a straight line?

(9)   This is not a code. When you recognize the logic of this line you will be able to read its contents. What are they?

(10)   Three Eskimos who had returned after a long and dangerous trek to another Inuit
settlement were relating details of their arduous journey to their welcoming friends.
Anuke said "We were harassed by wolves and chased by polar bears".
Binuke said "Our meals consisted mainly of penguin eggs and salmon".
Kanyuke said "We saw numerous walruses and seals".
One of them was lying --- Who?

(11)   How many Polar bear cubs are swimming in the ice-hole?

(12)   Two spaceships are approaching the planet Gizmo from exactly opposite directions. Spaceship Alpha receives a message from spaceship Beta giving its speed  of approach and indicating that it is 1/10th of a light-year distant from Gizmo.
Alpha replies that it is only half as far from Gizmo but is approaching the planet at half of Beta's speed. Which spaceship will reach Gizmo first?
(a)  Alpha.
(b)  Beta.
(c)  Both spaceships will arrive at the same time.
(d)  Can not be determined.

(13)   Which of the  three designs  a, b or c   comes next in this series?

figs.  (a)                      (b)                      (c)

(14)   Cerise, Scarlet, Ruby, Jade and Carmine renewed acquaintances when they  attended a college re-union. After a short conversation all but one of the girls decided to form an exclusive group.  Which girl did not join the group?

(15)   The numbers 16, 25, 4 and 9 enjoy each others company.
The numbers 13, 7 and 11 would enjoy the company of which
of  these numbers? --- 10, 15, 17, 12

(16)   At exactly 5 minutes and 27.34 seconds after 1pm the hour hand and the minute
hand of a clock exactly coincide (i.e. the minute hand is over the hour hand).
What time is it when the two hands next coincide?

(The answer can be found by logic alone --- pencil and paper may be used, but fancy math is not necessary)

(17)    COU    TVX    HYK    EFW
Which letter is in a group of three letters in which it does not belong?

Which of the following applies to the above statement?
(a)  True
(b)  False
(c)  Can not be resolved

(19)  You have three boxes, one containing only red marbles, one containing only blue marbles and one containing only green marbles.  The boxes have small openings and you cannot see what colour marbles each box contains.  The boxes are ALL incorrectly labeled as to the colour of their contents, red, blue, or green.  How can you determine the correct labeling of the boxes by taking one marble out of one box only.  (Pencil and paper may be used.)

(20)   Penny bought a puppy and a dog-house for $300.  The puppy cost $250 more
than the dog-house.  How much did the dog-house cost?  (It obviously didn't cost $50).

(21)  In a tug of war, four Tongans can pull as hard as five Samoans.
But two Samoans and a Tongan can pull as hard as one Fijian.
If the Fijian and two Samoans tugged against the four Tongans, which side would win?
(Pencil and paper may be used.)

Horace the clockmaker set these five clocks to the correct time before retiring for the night. When he checked them the next morning he noticed that three of the clocks had
run erratically during the night.  The other two clocks had run correctly on time but one of them had stopped sometime after midnight.  Which clock is showing the correct time?

(23)  Which of the five designs is least like the other four?


24)  Sloppy Joe is aptly named.  He has a T-shirt that has a label attached to the inside of the front part of his right sleeve.  The brand name on the label reads "AHOY".
He turned the T-shirt inside out and put it on back to front.   Where now is the label and what does it read?

(25)   A traveler came to a crossing of six roads. There was a sign post pointing to the hamlets in the six directions, but a recent storm had turned the signpost so that all the arrows now pointed the wrong way.  How did the traveler find his required direction.

(26)  The three Caballeros made a bet amongst themselves as to who owned the slowest horse.  They decided to race against each other, the bet money going to the owner of the horse that finished last.  But each Caballero would be pulling up his horse to almost a stop.  So how did they run a fair race?  

(27)  There are five children in the Pentax family. Alvin's sister Becky is younger than Conrad, who is older than Debbie. Debbie has one older brother and a younger sister but her youngest brother Eddy is not the "baby" of the family. In what order are the children from eldest to youngest.  (Pencil and paper may be used).

E  H  C  A  D  E  ?
What letter comes next in this sequence?

(29)   When red is X, green is Y. When green is not Y, blue is Z. But blue is never Z as long as red is X. Therefore which one of these statements is correct?
(a)   While blue is Z, green is Y.
(b)   While red is not X, blue is not Z.
(c)   While green is not Y, red is not X.  

(30)  Captain Kelp sailed his ship into port on Sunday, stayed three days, and sailed out on Friday.  How did he perform this seemingly impossible feat?
(This is not really an IQ question, but I thought I would throw it in anyway.
The time limit does not apply to this teaser


Note:  ALL the answers are given on the same page, so do not spoil your enjoyment by peeking at them until you have answered ALL the questions given.

More puzzles on 'Mind-Benders' page HERE  --- Please read

The answers to IQ test questions are not normally revealed but I have received many requests to do so, and as these are examples only, I have relented.

Contact your preferred society directly if you want to sit for their proctored test. The acceptance scores vary. For example the popular MENSA society accepts only applicants who score in the 98th  percentile* level or better. A list of international High-IQ societies and their statistics can be  found in the table HERE  ---  SZ. 
A Percentile is not a score. If you score in the 98 th percentile it means that less than 2% of the population has equalled or exceeded your score. The MEGA society's requirement is at the
99 th percentile level or better.