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A selection of paintings which I did between 1950 and present.
All colour paintings done with acrylics
(unless otherwise stated).

  All artwork is Copyright 1950-2010   S.  ZERVOS 
No painting or detail thereof is to be used or reproduced
in any form without permission.


A ubiquitous Greek island scene. I painted this view from a photograph sent to me by a friend from overseas. One would think that the same architect  designed every house on the Greek islands. (1m x .75m  acrylic painting).


Suzi  H    (2009)
Detail  (1m x 1m)

"El Torero y el Toro"
I did this painting for a special event in 1964.
It was first exhibited in the following year.
(1.6m x 1.1m  vinyl painting).


Chillon castle on the shores of Lake Geneva. Francois Bonivard was imprisoned here for six years after incurring the displeasure of
Charles III, Duke of Savoy, in 1530.
His plight moved Lord Byron to write his famous poem "The Prisoner of Chillon", which inspired me to do this painting.

A village nestled among the Austrian alps.
(1m x .75m  acrylic painting).

"Meteora". One of  the many rocky pinnacles of a complex in Greece that became home to the monks who built their monasteries on top of them for protection from the invading hordes.

Cottage point on Cowan Waters



Michelle (de Orleans)
Detail (.75m x1m)

We all know who this tough guy is. Just after completing the sketch I left it unattended while I went to answer the phone. While I was out of the room Cleo', our kitten, displayed her artistic discernment by chewing around the edges. She was quickly forgiven with a loving cuddle.



Drawn with an Artline 210
marker pen and a brush fill-in.




Pixel drawing.

  "Flossy".  She turned up one day on the welcome mat and decided to stay.




"The Idle Ant"
(Pixel art, 2008)


"The Water Nymph" (2006)
2.4m x 1.4m (full size)


A digital montage 
of several components.


"Abstract  #33"


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