1971  S. Zervos  

(1)   Y does not belong.. Every other letter is the third letter following a vowel.

(2)   8f. The word for the number 9 contains 4 letters (nine) so the fourth letter of the alphabet (D) is paired with it. This rule applies to the other pairs as well, except 8F.

a: 8S on a SS = 8 sides on a stop sign.
b: 2S to ES = 2 sides to every story.
c: 1F over the CN  = 1 flew over the cuckoo's nest (from a well known movie).
d: 1 and 2 BMS = 1 and 2 buckle my shoe.
e: 1 P of PP that PPP = 1 peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked..
f:  8B and all is W = 8 bells and all is well (from a watchman's and ship-board sentry's call).
g: 2M for SS = 2 mules for sister Sara (from a well known movie).

(4)   Flip both timers over and begin boiling the egg. When the 4 minute hourglass timer runs out, flip it over.
When the 7 minute hourglass timer runs out, flip it over. The 4 minute timer will still have another minute to run.
When the 4 minute timer runs out the 7 minute will have been running for one minute.
Flip the 7 minute timer over and when the minute of sand has run out the egg will have been cooking for 9 minutes (4+4+1).

(5)   6581. The digits in the number 6581 add to 20. The sum of the digits in the other numbers add to squares (9, 16 and 25).


(7)   The length of the fish is 72 inches.
The head is 9 inches long. The body equals the head plus the tail. The tail equals the head plus half of the body.
Therefore the body equals 9+9+half of the body. But the other half of the body is of course the 9+9 component, Therefore the body is 36 inches (9+9)+(9+9).
The fish is the head, plus the body, plus the head plus half of the body.
Therefore the fish is 9+36+(9+18) which makes it 72 inches in length.

(8)   24 kilometers.
Being so close to the North Pole, when the Eskimo was traveling in the east direction he would have been moving along the same line of latitude in an arc around the pole, getting no further or closer to it.
From the North Pole he can only travel south, so to return to his igloo from the pole he needs to travel south, in a straight line, the same distance that he traveled north,  ie 12+12 kilometers.

(9)    The line contains the words NORTH and SOUTH written backwards and inter-spaced.
h H t T r U o O n S

(10)   Binuke was lying. Penguins are not found in the Arctic. (And there are no Eskimos in the Antarctic.)

(11)   Three.

(12)   (b) Beta. When Beta sent its message it was 1/10th of  a light-year from Gizmo. The message then traveled another 1/20th of a light-year to reach Alpha (a total distance of 3/20ths of a light-year).
Nothing exceeds the speed of light so Beta's message, sent by any means, would take at least 3/20ths of a year (55 days) to reach Alpha. By this time Beta would have traveled much further towards Gizmo, if not already have reached it.

(13)   (b)

The pointer initially at the 11 o'clock position on the dial face rotates counter-clockwise two steps at a time.
The pointer initially at the 4 o'clock position on the dial face rotates clockwise three steps at a time.

(14)   Jade. All the other girl's are named after shades of red.  Jade is a shade of green.

(15)   The number 17.
The numbers 16, 25, 4, 9 are squares. Numbers 13, 7, 11 are Prime numbers divisible only by 1 and themselves. 17 is a prime number.

(16)   02: 10: 54.68 pm
The two hands of the clock were, of course, coincident at 12 noon.
They took 65 minutes and 27.3 seconds to coincide again at 01: 05: 27.3 pm.
It will take them another 65 minutes and 27.3 seconds to next coincide.

(17)    F.  The letters in the first group are written with one line.  The letters in the other groups are written
with 2, 3, and 4 lines respectively.  F, written with 3 lines, is in the 4 line group.  

(18)   (c).  If the statement is true, then it would be false.  If the statement is false, then it would be true.
Therefore the statement can not be resolved. 

(19)  Let's say you took a marble out of the green labeled box and it was blue.   The green labeled box should be correctly re-labeled as the blue marble box.  This leaves the red and green marble boxes.  Obviously the incorrectly labeled red box does not contain the red marbles, so the red box should be labeled green and the originally blue-labeled box now re-labeled red.  The same logic applies regardless of what colour marble was taken out of which box.

(20)  $25.  The total cost of $300 was made up of $250 plus the dog-house (for the puppy) plus the dog-house, therefore the puppy cost $275 and the dog-house $25.

(21)  The Fijian and two Samoans would win against the four Tongans.
Referring to the team members by their country's initials,
4xT = 5xS,  therefore T = 5/4xS, or 1.25xS
F = 2xS + T
   = 2xS + 1.25xS
   = 3.25xS
The team of F + 2xS = 3.25xS +2xS
= 5.25xS
 whereas 4xT only equals 5xS

(22)  D
Consider clock B. The hour hand is pointing to 5 o'clock, but the minute hand is pointing to 8. The angle between the two hands is incorrect.  The angles between the hour and minute hands of clocks C and E are also incorrect.  Clocks A and D have correct angles between their hour and minute hands, but clock A shows an earlier time than clock D, therefore clock A must have stopped during the night.  Clock D is showing the correct time.

(23)   (D).  It is the only design that has a smaller figure of itself inside.  The other designs have different figures inside.

(24)   The label still reads "AHOY".   It is now on the outside of the sleeve on his left side, but on the "back".

(25)   He simply turned the signpost so that the correct arrow pointed back to the direction from which he had come. All the other arrows now pointed in their correct directions and the traveler continued on his way.

(26)  Each Caballero raced on another Caballero's horse, trying to make it go as fast as it could.

(27)   Conrad,  Debbie,  Alvin,  Eddy,  Becky
Conrad is older than Debbie who is older than Alvin and Eddy  (Debbie has only one older brother).
If Becky was older than Alvin and/or Eddy  this would make Eddy (who is Debby's youngest brother) the "baby" of the family. But he is not, so Eddy is older than Becky. Eddy is Debbie's  youngest brother, so Alvin is older than Eddy and therefore older than Becky.

(28)  i
This puzzle is based on the simple Fibonacci numbers sequence
zero --- 5  8  3  11  14  25  39 --- infinity
where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. 

The positions in the Alphabet of the letters e h c a d e ?  are  5 8 3 1 4 5 ?
This will be recognized as a sequence of the right-most digits of Fibonacci numbers. The next number is 9.
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
a  -  c  d  e   -   -   h  i

The letter ( i ) is the 9th letter in the Alphabet.

(29)   (c).  While green is not Y, red is not X.

(30)   Captain Kelp's ship, on which he sailed out of port, was named after Robinson Crusoe's companion on the island where Crusoe spent his confinement.

If you answered 20 or more questions correctly you did quite well.